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about ME

I am a Denverite, wife to Scott, mom to 2 darling girls, and physician in clinical practice in Denver, Colorado. I am a dancer, a shower-singer, a wanna-be-broadway star, an extrovert, a people-pleaser, a hostess,  a sister, and a friend.


As children, we’re often told we can be anything in the world. We approach the world with wide-eyed fascination, excited by all the glittering possibilities for our future.

And then we reach adulthood.

Active imagination is replaced by bills and responsibilities, and before we realize it we’ve lost the answer to that question, “Who do you want to be?”

No one ever told us that the pursuit of goals does not define us.

Many women (myself included) have spent years in search of that elusive “work-life balance” – as if it’s just out there, hiding under a bush somewhere, waiting to be found.

There’s a tension inherent in goals we set for ourselves at home and in our careers… that can feel at best conflicting, and at worst mutually exclusive.

In medical training, I became an expert at escaping feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and exhaustion by overeating, over-drinking, over-shopping, and my favorite, beating myself up in my own mind.


I started the journey towards change with two little kids, an overweight body, lots of justifications, and an absolute lack of personal and professional identity.

I’m still a work in progress, but I have learned that by putting my relationship with myself first, I am better able to serve others in my roles as a mom, a wife, a physician, a leader, and a friend.

By working to create my own definition of success instead of relying on societal and institutional definitions, I was able to reach goals that I would never before have dreamed to set.

Learning to manage my mind has given me the freedom to set my own course and get out of the victim/martyr story of my own making.

Have you lost track of who you want to be? I can help you take control of your story again.

Without judgement, without drama, and without any more lost time.

Are you ready?